5 Digital Habits to Rock Your Brand


Erik Qualman, known for his books “Digital Leader,” “Socialnomics” and “What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube” (along with the incredibly popular Socialnomics video series) talked to a packed house Saturday about five habits all digital leaders share.

As he outlined in his book “Digital Leader,” the keys to being a leader in the digital realm come down to STAMP: Simple, True, Act, Map and People.


Qualman preached that you should simplify your life as much as possible. He presented research that shows your IQ drops 15 points when you multi-task. That’s the equivalent of going 36 hours without sleep. In reality, we don’t multi-task. We end up going from one task to another and back to the other.


A digital leader must stay true to their goals and purpose. You need to ask yourself, “What do I stand for?” More importantly, do you actually stick to that ideal?


We tend to spend the majority of our day focusing on throughput. Those are things like emailing, texting and tweeting. Digital leaders, instead, focus on output. They make sure they have something to show for their efforts that day.


Digital leaders are flexible in how they reach their final goals. Yes, there is a path to follow – but if a digital leader needs to change course, it’s not a problem. Qualman mentioned Steve Jobs as the ultimate example of this. Jobs wanted to take Apple to the top, but it didn’t follow the exact way he imagined. Jobs was forced out, ran other companies and then came back to Apple before he was able to reach his goal.


This final point is incredibly important. Digital leaders surround themselves with good people – both online and offline. Most of us take pride in our close group of friends, and the same thing should apply to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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