Preview: Designing for Real-Time Marketing

Designing for Real-Time Marketing
Saturday, March 9
5:45PM – 6:00PM
Hilton Austin Downtown

After the Super Bowl, more people were talking about the Oreo ad that popped up during the 34-minute blackout than ads that cost millions of dollars. This incident flawlessly illustrates  real-time marketing and events like this are causing people in the industry to start realizing the importance of leveraging the power of generating content in real time to tell a story to their clients. tylerTyler Travitz, Director of Digital Design and Development at GolinHarris, is one of these people. He leads a team that builds Facebook apps, websites, content generation items like infographics and anything in the digital world that relates to their clients integrated communication campaign.

“Real-time marketing is an emerging field and everyday we have the opportunity to influence the conversations people are having on the web and in media about our products and the point of view,” said Travitz. His panel, Designing for Real-Time Marketing, is a Future 15 session and will cover best practices for designing for this influential field.

The panel will also feature a discussion on how marketing and PR industries have had to shift to a real-time approach in order to follow along with the now 24/7-news cycle. “People have to engage people in the now, said Travitz. “This is a great opportunity for content creators to get involved.”

Although SXSW interactive is known for it’s technology base, it is also one of the world’s leading marketing conference, making it a great place to learn from innovative people in the industry. “Every year I have been I have found it inspiring,” he claimed. “It’s great being with cutting edge people of tech and marketing.” This is the 3rd year at SXSW for Travis, although, only his first time presenting.

Travitz was also kind enough to share some tips for SXSW newbies.

  • Do as much as you can – SXSW is what you make it
  • Some of the best sessions are the ones you accidentally stumble into
  • It’s a great place to network
  • After hours parties are part of the whole experience
  • Short panels are often the most interesting – they keep your attention and if you want more information you can reach out to the person directly.

Travitz, works for GolinHarris, a global integrated communications agency. The company has a historical focus in public relations, but is working to broaden into other types of communication primarily in the digital and social ad space. The company will be releasing an innovative tool for SXSW called SXScout. The tool, created by experts at GolinHaris who have combed through all the SXSW panels and selected 40 of the most relevant panels for aspiring marketers, will offer coverage and open up discussion of these top marketing related panels.