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SXSW Monday Highlights

We’re testing Evrybit during SXSW. Evrybit is a mobile reporting platform. Each day, a different person will run our Evrybit and embed it on our site. Follow along throughout the day!

The Silk Road Case: Impacting Our Digital Future

For those of us who have been following the coverage on Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road case, we’ve heard from news anchors, print journalists, bloggers, and commentators. But yesterday, those of us at the SXSW panel, “The Silk Road Case: Impacting Our Digital Future,” got to hear the story from a new perspective—Lyn Ulbricht,...

Mobile: How to Build Beyond the Phone

What is the next step in mobile technology beyond the smart phone? Wearable technology – watches, activity trackers, health monitors, augmented reality headsets, pet wearables, shirt camera. Connected technology – smart house, floor mat, vehicles. This panel began with a brain-dumping of all the mobile technology these panelists currently see on the market, or in...