National Geographic: Further Base Camp Experience

Not only can SXSW badge-holders enjoy an amazing experience, but non-badge-holders can too! National Geographic held a “Further Base Camp” that gave everyone a chance to explore and experience some of the technologies that were offered at many of the SXSW Trade Show and panel events.

The Further Base Camp had people try on their augmented reality headset that shows showering meteors playing over the real world just by wearing the lenses. The event also had smart robotics drawing the faces of attendees by scribbling on a chalk board. Attendees were also able to get a National Geographic themed professional video of themselves and sent to their phones without charge.

Some more augmented reality was offered by the Further Base Camp. Hovering iPads over photos would make the photos to go into action depending on their environment.

Not only were the attendees able to see some of the latest technologies National Geographic had to offer, but were also able to see live panel-like conversations that were over the latest trends and topics of SXSW overall all while having an open bar to enjoy the atmosphere.

I was able to get some footage that demonstrates some of the technologies the attendees were able to experience by attending this event! Check out the video.