Morning Bits: Kid tested, Mother approved

Good morning and sorry for the lame post title… speaking of things I am going to say that are lame, can I get a “what what” for SXSW starting THIS WEEK?

Say it out loud.

SXSW. Starts. This. Week.

I don’t even believe my own voice.
So, let’s all get those final RSVPs in, panel selections made, blogs started, new shoes broke in, fanny packs broke out, and Austin Convention Center emergency exits memorized, cause we only have two more days.

Now to news

  • Seagate will be giving out free hard drives via a Twitter contest at SXSW. How’s that for hard(drive) news? Like a riddle wrapped in an enigma covered in secret sauce (thank you, Mr. James), Seagate is revealing little details about their plot to back up SWSXers information. Seagate are either incredibly dubious, or just really nice guys wanting to give out some free hard drives. We’ll see.
  • Also, the time and location for the ever loved Barcamp has been announced. Next stop, geek-inebriation. The event will be held at 311 East 5th St (RIP Paradox) on Saturday for. 12. hours. Gratuitous? All in good fun? Necessary? Healthy? YES!
  • Apple Netbook? Alright, Newton, take two! Perhaps even with Jobs being under the weather, Apple still has a few tricks up their sleeves. DigiTimes reports that “Taiwan-based Wintek will supply touch panels for Apple’s new netbook.” Interesting.
  • And in other Apple news, did anyone else catchthe famous “1984” commercial cameo in Watchmen?

  • Finally, popular web video page YouTube will be blocking music videos from Britain viewers after negotiations between YouTube and the British music royalty-collecting body “broke down”. Those British royals… when will they learn?

And since we’re in America, lets enjoy a good British band on YouTube