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SXSW: That’s a Wrap!

Woah! Is it really over? I can’t decide if that was the shortest five days or the longest five days of my life. Now, where to begin? If there is one thing the SXTXState project taught me, it’s that you need to be organized to get it all in. So, let’s break this down: Favorites...


[View the story “Think not what your customer can do for you…But what you can do for your customer!” on Storify]

Preview: P90x…but for your business.

Have you ever had someone who just makes an impression on you ? Without even personally speaking to them, they leave you with a good impression of who they are? The name of his panel alone should let you know about the kind of person he is, Keeping Loyal Consumers Engaged by Shaking Sh*t Up . Yes,...