Bittersweet: A reflection of SXSW

It hardly seems real, but yet another whirlwind of SXSW has flown through my life, [...]

The SXTXState team at the Awesomest Journalism Party Ever

Election 2012: Campaigns, Coverage & the Internet

A rockstar panel spoke at the AT&T Conference Center for South by Southwest Interactive on [...]


How Not to Die: Using Tech in a Dictatorship

““We are about upgrading our humanity and our own freedom.” –  Mark Belinsky Iphones, Twitter, [...]


Super-sizing outcomes with supersized class

John Boyer has a unique message: gigantic classes can build an environment with tremendous sense [...]

John Boyer

Prepping for SXSW with Indiana University Students

This will be the third year that Dr. Hans Ibold (@hanspi) has traveled to SXSW [...]