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Live Music as Means for Brand Engagement

The festival model has taken the music industry by storm: Austin City Limits, Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza have all revolutionized how music is discovered and consumed. This panel consisted of Andrew Klein of AEG Live, Hank Neuberger of Springboard Productions, Jimmy Chamberlin of LiveOne Group (and former drummer of the Smashing Pumpkins), and moderator John...

Sources in the Social Media Age

To tweet a source, or not to tweet a source, that is the question. In the age of an overwhelming number of social media platforms the panel, Souces in the Social Media Age discussed the relationship between sources and social media. The panelists included Edmund Lee from Bloomberg news. Greg Galant, creator of Muck Rack...

poynter tablet panel

Lean Forward, Lean Back: Tablet News Experiences

Let’s talk about change. That’s exactly what Dr. Mario Garcia says we absolutely must do at SXSW Interactive: talk about how we in the media industries adapt to change. Founder and CEO of Garcia Media, Garcia joined the Poynter Institute’s Sara Quinn and Smart Media Creative’s Dave Stanton Friday on a panel exploring recent studies...

A Chat with Christopher Groskopf of the PANDA Project

Christopher Groskopf, lead developer of the 2011 Knight News Challenge winning PANDA Project, was here at SXSW Interactive showcasing a demo of the newsroom data appliance. Groskopf talked with me about how the PANDA Project looks to solve the problem of knowledge management in newsrooms.