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Media & The Personal Brand – ESPN, Grantland & 538

One is the biggest name in data journalism. The other is the biggest name in sports writing. Nate Silver and Bill Simmons are now both under the ESPN umbrella. In fact, Silver announced today he will relaunch his FiveThirtyEight site with ESPN in less than ten days. Read my Storify recap for more. [View the...

Eating to Live Online

A panel about the perception of the food cultures versus the real life brought to you by those who are surrounded by it.

Martine Syms, publisher for Dominica.

Preview – Black Vernacular: Reading New Media

Black Vernacular: Reading New Media Sunday, March 10 | 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Austin Convention Center Room 6AB The Black race and media in the United States have had a somewhat muddled relationship ever since Americans began consuming content through media of their choosing. Since the popular, yet racist radio show from decades ago, Amos...

You Can Teach Old Media New Tricks

Robert Quigley, Internet Editor for theĀ Austin American-Statesman, started there in 1998 and has worked as an Assistant News Editor, Copy Editor, Letter Editor and Page Designer. He is the main voice behind the Statesman’s Twitter account @statesman.

A haven for hipsters, politicos and nerds alike

There are three non-physical things I love that perhaps don’t always go hand-in-hand with my “nerd tendencies”: politics, media and fashion. However, I think that is changing considering some of the offerings at this year’s SXSWi. Interactive has a quite a political touch this year with a few panels focusing on how campaigns have changed...