#EsuranceSave30: Why 5 Million Tweeted in 36 Hours

During the Superbowl, Esurance purchase the first TV Ad spot after the game, saving them [...]


Crushing Second Screen: The Ultimate TV Companion

When one thinks of branding and the pioneers in utilizing new media and second screen [...]

John Cena and myself.

Preview: Your First 1000 Copies – How to Market Your Book

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014 Time:12pm-1240pm Location: Austin Convention Center, Ballroom G, Austin Convention Center [...]

Tim Grahl will be discussing how to market your book successfully.

Future 15 – Content + Distribution (2)

View as slideshow Entertain Latinos Online – Beatriz Acevedo MiTu Network@MiTuNetwork @MiTuNetwork started w/ 20 [...]


Preview: Latinos y Mobile: A Silver Bullet?

Latinos y Mobile: A Silver Bullet? Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC Friday, March 8, 5:00PM [...]

Latinos y mobile 2

Making a Grand Entrance: How to Launch a Product

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