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Top 5 Panels

Top 5 Education Panels

Education is a neccessity but it comes in many forms. From classroom to online environments and formal to informal, on thing is true about all its’ forms though, that technology is changing they way we learn. SXSW Interactive features a number of education themed sessions this year. Below, in no particular order, are the 5...

Preview: The Power Of Failure: The Hidden Side Of Success

Everyone wants to be successful. We all have our different versions of success, financial, emotional, or physical. And we all have our role models for whom we identify what success is. We try and emulate them to achieve that success. But what if you had the opportunity to meet your role model of success and...

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I’m Into Jobs that Don’t Even Exist Yet

Dr. Cindy Royal, an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University-San Marcos, explores how to prepare students for careers in a rapidly changing media industry with New York Times Editor of Interactive News Aron Pilhofer.

Interview with web developer Chris Mills

Chris Mills is the Developer Relations Manager at Opera Software ASA . Opera was launched as an independent development company and focuses on web browsers that are adaptable to a wide-range of platforms.  Mills used his SXSWi panel, “HTML5 & CSS3: Does Now Really Mean Now?” to give attendees helpful development and coding tools. I highly...

Gaming – waste of time? Or untapped educational tool?

Games have a bad reputation for some of us. Media speculation about violent content inspiring violent behavior when random, senseless violence occurs and tales of gaming addicts color perceptions. So gaming evangelist and game designer Jane McGonigal’s presentation challenged some preconceptions.

Reporting on education technology

SXSWedu panel “Edtech Reporting: Why It Sucks and How to Fix It” discussed how journalists can engage education technology, start-ups, and educators without getting cynical or caught up in the “new and shiny.” [View the story “Reporting on education technology” on Storify]