David Merkoski on Cleanweb

On Saturday at SXSW Interactive, David Merkoski spoke on the death of Cleantech and how a different mindset is needed to make a difference in the green movement: Cleanweb.

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WTF? And Beyond! – A Summary of Future15 Sessions

[View the story “WTF? And Beyond! – A Summary of Future15 Sessions” on Storify]

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Future 15 – Content + Distribution (2)

View as slideshow Entertain Latinos Online – Beatriz Acevedo MiTu Network@MiTuNetwork @MiTuNetwork started w/ 20 [...]


Lean Forward, Lean Back: Tablet News Experiences

Let’s talk about change. That’s exactly what Dr. Mario Garcia says we absolutely must do [...]

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Preview: Drawing Conclusions with Von Glitschka

I had the opportunity to ask featured speaker Von Glitschka, principal of Glitschka Studios, about [...]

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Preview: Presenting Complex Info with Simplicity

Presenting Complex Information with Simplicity Monday, March 11 | 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. In a [...]

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