Preview: The Power Of Failure: The Hidden Side Of Success

Everyone wants to be successful. We all have our different versions of success, financial, emotional, [...]

The Art Of Doing

Fireside Chat with Bob Metcalfe

Internet pioneer, Ethernet inventor, entrepreneur, and now UT professor, Bob Metcalfe, entertained SXSW attendees for an hour with his newest goal of trying to “make Austin a better Silicon Valley” through his “One Semester Startup” course at the University of Texas.

SXTXState Interview with Bob Metcalfe at SXSW 2012

Can a Social Web of Things Keep TV Cords Connected?

[View the story “Can a Social Web of Things Keep TV Cords Connected” on Storify]

Can Gaming Make the World Better?

To kick off this Sunday morning of SXSWi, all those with altruist concerns congregated for [...]

SXSWi panel "Can Gaming Make the World Better?"

Five Activists Panels You Don’t Want to Miss!

Over the last quarter of the 20th Century, technology evolved at an astonishing rate.  With [...]


Rodney Gibbs From Austin’s Own Fizz Factor

On the final day of this year’s SXSWi I sat down for a quick chat [...]