Funny People Can Make You Buy Dumb Things

In this panel, David Weinstock, Jim Beiderman,Tony Mennuto discuss the art of using humor in advertisements and the best [...]

Multi y Mono

[View the story “Multi y Mono: A cultural advertising battle” on Storify]

Preview: 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People

Attention all tech nerds: save your current game of WoW, adjust your glasses and make [...]

100 things

Mad Men on Twitter

Tuesday afternoon Helen Klein Ross of Supporting Characters, Michael Bissell  president of  Conquent  and Carri Bugbee  president of  Big Deal PR, had a confession [...]

Mad Men on Twitter

SXSWi gives geeks a chance to revel

The “inner geek” is beside himself. I will be covering SXSWi activities on Sunday, March [...]