A Texas Filibuster: How Streaming Politics Beat TV

On June 25 at midnight, nearly 200,000 people worldwide were watching the Wendy Davis filibuster. [...]

Rodney Gibbs

SXTXSTATE – Day 4 Recap

Priscillia and Melody recap day 4…. but they arent actually done with day 4 quite [...]

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Taking Risks for Great Social Storytelling

Art and social media are not necessarily things that you would think compliment each other. [...]

It was a full house for this panel

Got My Dose of Inspiration

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SXSW Marketing Expo Through Google Glass

The SXSW marketing EXPO allows start ups to established brands a place to set up [...]

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Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald appeared before an audience 10x smaller then Edward Snowden’s panel. He didn’t need [...]

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