Preview: Ethics And Future Of Crowdfunding For Communities

David Neff is a seasoned veteran at SXSWi. When he takes the stage this year [...]


What Keynote is SXSWi Most Excited To See?

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Preview: Gamification explained

  Kat Mandelstein of PwC Advisory was gracious enough to give us a complete run [...]

Kathy Mandelstein headshots

Preview: Can Stories Turn Texas Blue? Digital Media & HB2

The summer of 2013 saw a meteoric rise to the political future of State Senator [...]


SXTXSTATE: First Impressions Of Google Glass

Google Glass: Still in the explorer phase Google Glass is one of the most exciting [...]

Trying Out Google Glass

Preview: SXSW Create, A Smaller FREE Dose of SXSWi

Shawn O’Keefe, SXSW Create producer, volunteered at SXSW in 2000 and was hired a year [...]

SXSW Create 2014