SXSW Interactive 2014 : Last Thoughts

I don’t consider myself any sort of new media expert. It is that sole reason, [...]


Embarrassing Bodies: Multiplatform Medical Taboos

These days, multiplatform programming is becoming more of a necessity to TV producers. Although now [...]

All content on Embarrassing Bodies in uncensored in line with their moto - There's no shame, we're all the same

SXSW Gaming Expo

Will SXSW Gaming be the next big branch of the South By brand? Pete Fenlon, [...]

SXTXSTATE – Day 3 Recap

We are at the halfway mark now! SXSW Interactive is always full of celebrities. Priscillia [...]

Day 3 Recap

Techie Trekkies

Space, the final frontier. Star Trek portrayed a future where Earth had become a utopia, [...]

Voice Acting & Voice Over Meet Up

The panels and speakers featured at SXSW Interactive are usually amazing. Trail blazers in their [...]

Voice Acting & Voice Over Meet Up