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Top 5 Panels to Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and even if you don’t have a partner to cozy up to this evening, there is always something out there to love – whether it’d be your puppy, technology, your favorite social app or even new social movements you’re supporting. Check out the top 5 sessions to love this Valentine’s Day.  ...

SXSWEdu: What Higher Ed Can Learn from Uber and Airbnb

What does a degree mean anymore to a potential employer? What does a degree mean to the person holding it? Is there a better way to showcase the skills a student possesses than a piece of paper, a resume, a GPA and the name of the university he or she attended?

BIG Health Data & HIPAA

When trying to understand the many different view points on Health data being at a place like SXSW is very helpful. The panel Why HIPAA Won’t Save You covered a verity of topics ranging from the patients, the health care companies to the scientific researchers who will use this data. How to keep everyone’s health...