Top Ten Startups In Austin

Austin known as entrepreneurial town is host to dozens and dozens of startups. With a [...]

How Twitter Humorists Landed Sweet Real World Gigs

Jenny Johnson writes for GQ. Josh Hara is the director of social creative of Resource, [...]

Twitter Humorists

Engage or Die: Multicultural Millennials Matter

The world will one day become colorblind, and we will all just be beige. As [...]

Not Enough Of Us: We Are Not Black Twitter

SXTXSTATE alumni Kiana Fitzgerald spoke today at SXSW. Her panel focused on black twitter. With [...]

The Future of Non-Profits is Digital

David Neff of PwC Advisory gathered a handful of non-profit professionals to briefly discuss some [...]


Grumpy Cat is female. Let’s start with that essential information. Tardar Sauce, better known to [...]

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