Author: Shannon Delaney

A Chat with Christopher Groskopf of the PANDA Project

Christopher Groskopf, lead developer of the 2011 Knight News Challenge winning PANDA Project, was here at SXSW Interactive showcasing a demo of the newsroom data appliance. Groskopf talked with me about how the PANDA Project looks to solve the problem of knowledge management in newsrooms.

Stratfor CEO George Friedman’s speech interrupted by an Occupy “mic check”

George Friedman, CEO of Stratfor, a global intelligence company, came to SXSW Interactive to speak about surviving technology. However, an Occupy “mic check” broke out over Stratfor’s alleged involvement in spying and trying to bring down the Occupy Movement. The alleged involvement stems from the December hacking of Stratfor, where customers’ credit cards were charged...