The iPad Theater: The convergence of Film and Interactive Media

The lines have blurred between different forms of media with the integration of interaction and [...]

iPad Theater panel discussing their movie Holy Hell

Beyond Dance Dance Revolution

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What Left 4 Dead Can Teach Us About Kids’ Games

Zombies, guns and explosions are things one might associate with the videogame Left4Dead, but these [...]

Fisher and Richards talking about videogames for kids

Beyond a Thousand Words: Accessible Complex Data

Data visualizations gained popularity as a means to capture large amounts of information to create  [...]

The panel's title slide giving the name of the panel and the names of the panelists

Erasing Lines Between Physical and Digital Worlds

Integrating technology into daily routine has been adopted by many different companies’ products in hopes [...]


Securing the Cloud: What’s Your Cloud Entry Point?

Information either stored or accessed through the cloud technologies has produced a number of problems [...]

Holmes talking about cloud computing