Startups, Design, and Tech, Oh My! :: A Reflection

This year was my first attending South by Southwest Interactive. A lot of people have [...]

the sxtxstate team

David Merkoski on Cleanweb

On Saturday at SXSW Interactive, David Merkoski spoke on the death of Cleantech and how a different mindset is needed to make a difference in the green movement: Cleanweb.

cleanweb drawing

Future 15′s: From positive blind spots to autodidactic learning

Monday in the Omni, four back-to-back sessions featured work and career advice. The panels included [...]

blaine matheiu

Failure as a Learning Experience

On Tuesday panelists Ashley Good, Ala Ben-Ur, Jaspal Sandhu and moderator Sean Hewens of Ideo discussed the importance of embracing failure as an opportunity to learn.

sxsw panelists

Understanding Experience Design through Graphic Novels

Panelist Timothy Parcell spoke Tuesday at SXSW on the topic of experience design. He gave [...]

parcell presenting at sxsw

Disrupting Industries: An Interview with Simple CEO Joshua Reich

Monday three disruptor entrepreneurs, Joshua Reich, Dana Rosenberg and Ryan Graves, answered questions about the [...]

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