Author: Emily Lyons

the sxtxstate team

Startups, Design, and Tech, Oh My! :: A Reflection

This year was my first attending South by Southwest Interactive. A lot of people have asked me if it was a fun experience. I hesitate, not because it isn’t fun, but because it’s something more. My team worked really hard to produce content around the conference and interview panelists. We attended a few parties, and...

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David Merkoski on Cleanweb

On Saturday at SXSW Interactive, David Merkoski spoke on the death of Cleantech and how a different mindset is needed to make a difference in the green movement: Cleanweb.

blaine matheiu

Future 15’s: From positive blind spots to autodidactic learning

Monday in the Omni, four back-to-back sessions featured work and career advice. The panels included topics of positive blind spots, individually in teamwork, leadership and autodidactic learning. First, speaker Cameron Lord discussed the importance of owning our own skills and weaknesses. Instead of focusing on what we don’t do well and trying to improve those...

parcell presenting at sxsw

Understanding Experience Design through Graphic Novels

Panelist Timothy Parcell spoke Tuesday at SXSW on the topic of experience design. He gave six lessons to the audience through the metaphor of graphic novel artwork and development. The first two lessons were in brand and design. Parcell said a logo or brand image “has to have a set of values behind it.” It...

damn the man!

Disrupting Industries: An Interview with Simple CEO Joshua Reich

Monday three disruptor entrepreneurs, Joshua Reich, Dana Rosenberg and Ryan Graves, answered questions about the process of entering into a highly regulated industry. They discussed the different types of disruption, from entering at a lower price point to creating new markets. Simple CEO Joshua Reich shared some of his experience trying to innovate in one...

minimalism panel at sxsw

Minimalism Influencing Entrepreneurship

Before SXSW, I wrote a preview for the panel, How Minimalism is Changing Entrepreneurship. Monday at the Omni Downtown, I had the opportunity to hear panelists Joshua Becker, Ryan Nicodemus, Courtney Carver and Joshua Fields-Millburn share various aspects of their journeys to minimalism and how it has helped them cultivate their passions, overcome the fear...

david karp at sxsw

A Conversation with David Karp

Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp spoke on Building Tools for Creativity Sunday at SXSW Interactive. He shared how Tumblr has evolved and taken shape beyond what they could have imagined. Today, the blogging site has tight-knit communities that hold meet-ups in person, and users are finding creative ways to utilize the site outside of...