Preview: Texas State University Innovation Lab – Commute Releaf

Living in a populated city like Austin, Texas, commuting is definitely not ones’ favorite part of the day… so why not cut back? Texas State University student innovators, Nikita Demidov, Austin Andrus and Edgar Borjas, proposed a technology project that is dedicated to identifying alternative ways to cut down traffic by educating their audience on how it affects their wallet and environment.

Demidov, Andrus and Borjas, founders of Commute Releaf, are finding ways to implement their project into helping the City of Austin and the City of San Marcos cut down expenses by decreasing the amount of cars on the roads. According to the teams’ research, this project will ultimately be of great benefit to the cities and their citizens by “cutting down environmental damage that is caused by carbon emissions from cars and help stimulate the city’s economy by saving people money.”

I was fortunate enough to have a talk with the team and they were ecstatic to share some of their knowledge with me.


Thank you to Nikita, Austin and Edgar for sharing insight with me on Commute Releaf! Make sure to check them out at SXSW Interactive.


When and Where:
Sunday, March 12
6:30 – 8:30 P.M.
W Hotel / 200 Lavaca St.

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