Tina Craig of Bag Snob has Advice for Bloggers

“A lot of people now want to start blogs because they want to be famous, they want to get rich […] they want to have a brand…Those are all the wrong reasons to start anything.”

Tina Craig, blogger extraordinaire of Bag Snob fame, shared this tidbit of advice during the question and answer portion of the SXSW Interactive panel she participated in on Saturday.

The panel, What Fashion Can Learn from Female-Led Companies, gathered three of the fashion and beauty industry’s women entrepreneurs to speak on the troubling phenomenon wherein women control the vast majority of global spending, especially in fashion, but are rarely the heads of major fashion houses.

Craig was joined by Hayley Barna, Cofounder and Co-CEO of Birchbox and Yael Aflalo, Founder and CEO of Reformation.  The panel was moderated by Leslie Price of Vox Media.

SXTX State asked Craig and the panel to comment on the current popularity of blogging and what amateurs can expect if they hope for Bag Snob level success.