The Learn to Code Movement

This panel was great! It included a lot of audience interaction and discussion on the importance of coding. Some of the main points included teaching coding at all education levels and the importance of having coding skill sets in order to help develop other skills.
“Not everyone is a writer, but we all learned to write. It’s something┬áto use, coding can be looked at the same way.”
The panel included Noah Kagan, an internet entrepreneur and founder of AppSumo, Sasha Laundy, from CodeAcademy and Adria Richards an organic technology consultant.

One thought on “The Learn to Code Movement

  • March 16, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    I completely agree with Kagan’s point that everyone learns codes for different reasons. It’s important to determine your career goals and then understand how coding fits into that. I’m not planning to become a web developer because I want to continue working in public relations. However, coding is becoming an essential skill in PR. Whether it’s customizing your company’s blog or changing content on its website, coding is an important skill set for PR professionals.

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