Top 5 Social & Relationship Sessions

How many of your relationships in your social networks do you consider true relationships? In today’s world, this is becoming normal; friendships, marriages, job opportunities now rely on the creation of a profile or strong social network. There are several great panels on how to utilize these new tools and how to sift through networks that may  be more beneficial than others. Here are just a few that dive into the topic of Social & Relationship.

Sunday, March 10, 11AM – 12PM
Sheraton Austin, Capital View South
Christine Renaud, CEO of E-180 and Emily Goligoski, Design & community Lead for Mozilla will dive into the world of education during this panel. The use of technology has opened new doors for people to learn, experience and engage.
The panel, based on case studies of the Mozilla Open Badge project and E-180, will allow for attendees to discuss their opinions and suggestions for how to use new technologies to provide better learning environments for everyone.

Cram Your Mobile: New Cultural Norms for Social

Monday, March 11, 12:30PM – 1:30PM
Sheraton Austin, Capitol View South

Feel overwhelmed by the constant tecnology surrounding you? Want to be part in re-writing the norms for mobile etiquette? This panel featuring Gemma Craven, EVP Ogilvy and Jeff Simmermon, Director of Digital Media, Writer and Storyteller at And I am Not Lying will open up the conversation for attendees to help determine what rules should apply this now technology crazed world.

The Rise of Contextual Social Networks

Saturday, March 9, 3:30PM – 4:30PM
Sheraton Austin, Capitol EFGH

Social networks used to provide a “one-size fits all” appeal, as data started playing a bigger role and the networks changed and niche markets began to emerge. Now, the overwhelming nature of the number of social networks to be part of have influenced people to instead focus on specific networks from which they gain the most value. This panel brought to you by Colleen Taylor (TechCrunch), Nate Johnson (Path), Ryan Roslanksy (LinkedIn) and Sarah Leary (Nextdoor) will discuss contextual social networks. The panelists will share how these networks produce a more private online relationship that are based upon shared interests and activities.

Less Is More: Why 5 Comments Beat 5,000 Likes


Saturday, March 9, 1:00PM – 1:15PM
Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 616 AB

The most important aspect of social media is the fact that it starts conversations and gets people engaged. In this Future 15 session, Ron Williams – CEO of Knodes, a platform that analyzes your supporters social data, will be discussing the importance of the online conversation and why brands want their followers to tell their story. Using tools like context and data brands are able to utilize the support of their followers to spread their message.



Featured Session: Al Gore on The Future

After last years conversation with Sean Parker, Al Gore is back for more. This year, during a Featured Session Gore will  bring his assessments and passion will bring forth his thoughts on what the future will hold. With experience in global policy and arguments about the challenges we face. Gore will offer an inside look to what The Future may hold for us and how we can be part of it.