Preview: Backyard to Brand: Maker Culture for Business

garage1Ideas can be created anytime and anywhere. From doodling your thoughts on a napkin to creating a new and innovative startup in  own garage. However, many people don’t know how to take it to the next level and get brands to play a role. Jameson Young, otherwise known as Jamie, is familiar with and enjoys the entire process of turning ideas into action. “I enjoy making things,” said Young. “I like taking ideas and making them tangible.” Jamie currently works for Create Digital,  “A Social Media Marketing agency specializing in community management, digital campaigns, and social data intelligence.” The company works on cutting edge apps, tech culture and seemed like a natural fit for a panel based on using online tools to enhance a DIY (do it yourself), his fellow employees actually encouraged him to submit a SXSW panel idea.

Jamie has been involved in several start-ups and understands the importance of the DIY and maker culture and how the innovations in media have allowed for exciting concepts to turn into real business. He appreciates the abundance of tools for people to utilize when dealing with a new concept. During his SXSW panel Backyard to Brand: Maker Culture for Business Jamie plans to discuss how people can take freelance in a different direction and how people need to understand advertising and be able to leverage those powers to monetize their concept.  With this information, Young hopes to be able to connect brands and makers in the right way. “Brands don’t know about what’s happening in basements and backyards,” said Young.

This is the first year for Young to attend SXSW. He is looking forward to sharing quick, tangible take aways during his panel as well as the opportunity to meet new people and start networking.




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  • January 23, 2013 at 11:15 am

    What is Jamie’s perspective on personal genetics, including the issues and opportunities involved? Check out the first seven minutes of the video below for an overview. From there, the panel – which included Dr. Michael Pellini, Dr. George Church and Colin Hill, and was moderated by Dr. Kevin Davies – digs into the intricacies of this important topic, including how to use genetic data to develop more personalized medicine.

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