Preview-Anime: More Than Cartoons

People with crazy colored hair and unnatural, overly expressive eyes put into outrageous situations, the [...]

Exploring the 2012 SXSWedu

Last year another part of the whole South by Southwest experience was initiated, SXSWedu.  While [...]

Game designer Jane McGonigal

Prepping for SXSW with Indiana University Students

This will be the third year that Dr. Hans Ibold (@hanspi) has traveled to SXSW [...]

Top Five: Panels for Sports Enthusiasts

The new sports track at SXSW Interactive has something for every sports fan, from how [...]

Fantasy Baseball Draft from Bloomberg Sports

Preview- Show, not Tell: Storytelling for Nonprofits in the Digital Age

The SXSW Interactive panel “Mother Goose Got Punked” brings the top creative minds in the nonprofit community to teach organizations how they can implement visual storytelling to engage supporters.


Preview – The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter

#IfSantaWasBlack. #YouKnowYouGhettoWhen. #BlackParentsQuotes. If you find yourself on Twitter fairly often, you’ve probably seen at [...]

brown twitter birds