ScreenBurn Arcade SXSWi 2010


ScreenBurn is a great feature of SXSWi that gets bigger every year!  It’s a chance for video gamers to get hands with digital media industries.

This year’s exhibit is definitely promoting the art of the video games.  One of the best exhibits was a collection of 16 award winning creative achievements from the video game world.  Into the Pixel is presenting this work.

Harmonix has a full Rock Band set-up to promote the Rock Band Network.  It’s an idea some were just waiting to have happen.  It allows musicians and bands to self-publish their music in a Rock Band platform.  This allows the independent artist a way to create gameplay tracks of their OWN music for others to download and play!  Who needs a label now?

There was also a huge LEGO layout. Not sure why, but it is pretty cool, thanks to TexLug!