Less UI for Seamless Interaction

Lee Brenner, of digital design firm thirteen23, prefaces his main points of a talk about [...]

The Emotion Engine: Can a Video Game Speak to the Heart?

Many feel video games will never be as emotionally engaging as movies. But, Peter Molyneux, [...]

Sextual + Nudie Pics = Digital Violence Among Teens

Taras Wayner and Chloe Gottlieb of R/GA presented Sextual + Nudie Pics = Digital Violence [...]


Be Creative (be an expert), Get Paid

“Find out what you’re passionate about,” said Nick Campbell as he opened his SXSWi panel [...]

Campbell's passion explodes through his arm motions.

Pain free design sign-off… for the client

“I think you should change the color” “I asked, and my Mom thinks the site [...]

SXSWi newbies

A large portion of our class were thrown into the wonderful (and sometimes chaotic) world [...]